Effect of Tele - nursing S ervices on Healthy Lifestyle and Self - Efficacy among Gestational Diabetes Women

metwaly, sabah ; Rania Eid Farrag 


Gestational diabetes is a serious health problem. Applying tele nursing in healthcare is increasingly prioritized to reduce maternal mortality, morbidity and improve newborns’ survival especially in remote area s . Aim of the study: To examine t he effect of tele - nursing services on h ealthy l ifes tyle and s elf - e fficacy among g estational diabetes women . Design A quasi - experimental design was adopted. Setting: The study was conducted at the M aternal and C hild H ealth C enter in the Fayoum University Hospital . Sample : One hundred and one mothe rs with gestational diabetes were enrolled in the study and randomly divided into study and control group s . Tools : Four tools were used for data collection : I) A s tructure d interviewing questionnaire, II) Health promotion lifestyle p rofile scale, III) S elf - efficacy of health behaviors , and IV) W omen satisfaction L ikert scale. Results : There were statically significant differences between both groups regarding the health promotion lifestyle profile as well as self efficacy scores at 32 and 37 weeks of gestation. The m ean level of fasting blood glucose was significantly lower in the study group than the control group at 37 weeks of gestation ( p<0.05). Mean while the mean level of postprandial blood glucose was significantly lower than the con trol group at 32 and 37 weeks of gestation (p<0.05) . As well as , the mothers who receive d the telephone support achieved increased numbers of attendances to the antenatal center for follow up. In addition, the satisfaction level was high among the mothers who receive d the telephone support than those in the control group. Conclusion : The findings of this s tudy demonstrated that tele - nursing support could significantly enhance the health promotion life style profile and self efficacy scores, as well as maintain blood glucose levels among mothers with gestati onal diabetes and also increase the adherence to antenatal visits

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Keywords Gestational diabetes mellitus ( GDM) , health practice life style profile, self efficacy, t ele - nursing
Issue Date 1-Jan-2016
Journal International Journal of Novel Research in Healthcare and Nursing 
Series/Report no. 3;1
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/169361
ISSN 2394 - 7330

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