Demographic characteristics of users of Psychiatric home care in patients suffering from psychiatric morbidities; at Al-Madina Al-Munawara KSA

Ahmed H A Hafiz1 ; afaf mohamed fahmy ibrahim ; Sahar A Ibrahim ; Gulsen Saleh 


Objectives: To examine the differences in the demographic and clinical characteristics of users of Psychiatric home health care in patients suffering from psychiatric morbidities and to assess patient satisfaction form the service provided. Patience and methods: A cross sectional study started in January 2013 & ended in December of the same year. The cases were 171 patients with psychiatric disorders, 97 were enrolled in a home-based care at Psychiatric Hospital, Madinah, Saudi Arabia. They were compared as regards to the demographic and clinical characteristics another randomly selected 74 psychiatric patients in a hospital-based out patient treatment who were considered as the control group. Results: when these two groups were compared, significant differences were found, in age, duration of illness years, social status and clinical diagnosis. There was significant less visits to the emergency in the group receiving HHC while there is no significant difference in the gender, education level, co-morbid disorders and number of hospitalization in the previous year between both groups. Patients in HHC group were more satisfied from the service provided. Conclusion: HHC proves to be more efficient in improving morbidity among psychiatric patients. Older and single people prefer to use this service

Other data

Keywords psychiatric patients, home health care, hospital care, emergency room visits, hospital admission
Issue Date Oct-2014
Publisher American Journal of Research Communication
Journal American Journal of Research Communication 

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