Effect of Educational Guideline on Quality of Life and Self Efficacy for Adult and Adolescent Patients with Colostomy

mohamed, fatma ; Dr. Amany Mohamed Safwat ; Dr. Asmaa Nasr El-Din Mosbeh 


Abstract: Colostomy may be the best and safest form of treatment for a number of conditions including rectal cancer, trauma, or inflammatory bowel disease. Aim: To assess the effect of educational guideline on the quality of life and self-efficacy for adult and adolescent patients with colostomy. Study design: A quasi experimental research design was used to conduct this study. Setting: The present study was conducted at the Outpatients Clinics in El-Demerdash Surgical Hospital and Pediatric Surgical Department Children's Hospital, affiliated to Ain Shams University. Subjects: A purposive sample composed of 90 patients (45 adults & 45 adolescent) with colostomy, six months or more after finishing chemotherapy and-or radiotherapy, both sexes and their age were from fourteen to sixty five years. Data collection tools: 1) Interview questionnaire, 2) Quality of Patients’ Life Questionnaire, 3) Stoma Self-efficacy Patient Scale and 4) Patient Skin Assessment. Results: The present study revealed that, mean ages of patients of the current study were 42.67±8.3 and 15.82 +2.03 for adults and adolescents respectively, more than half of the patients were males. There was a highly statistically significant difference regarding levels of knowledge, patients' quality of life as well as self-efficacy of patients with stoma pre, immediately and one month later after implementation of educational guideline. Conclusion: Application of the educational guideline has a positive effect on enhancing all aspects of the quality of life domains (physical well-being, psychological well-being, social well-being and spiritual well-being), and all aspects of the self-efficacy (physical activity, psychological activity, social activity, colostomy care and preventing complications) for both adults and adolescence among patients with colostomy. Recommendations: The educational guideline for patients with colostomy should be applied to improve patients’ condition, quality of life and stoma self-efficacy, and there is a need for a simplified illustrated and comprehensive Arabic language booklet to be distributed to those patients and used as a reference.

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Keywords Keywords: Educational Guidelines, Colostomy, ostomy.
Issue Date Apr-2018
Publisher international journal of novel research in health care and nursing vol.5 . issue. 1
Source international journal of novel research in health care and nursing vol.5 . issue. 1
Journal international journal of novel research in health care and nursing vol.5 . issue. 1 
Series/Report no. vol.5 . issue. 1;
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/169379

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