Menopausal Women's Utilizing Acupressure as Self Care for Relieving their Hot Flashes

mahmoud, heba ; KamiliaRagab Abo Shabana ; Heba Mahmoud Mohmmed ; RandaMohmmed 


Theaim of studywas to investigate the effects of menopausal women's self care regarding acupressure on relieving their hot flashes. An intervention study designed was utilized.The study wasconducted atgynecological clinics of Ain Shams Maternity University Hospital. One hundred women were included in the studythrough using Asimple random sample technique, those women were divided into two equal group(study and control).Data were collected through four tools( a structured interviewing questionnaire sheet, hot flashes – related daily Interference scale(HFRIS), observational checklist, and effect of acupressure technique on daily living activities sheet). The studyrevealedthat all of the study group have hot flashes before intervention compared to 16.0% after intervention of acupressure. Concerning theeffect of acupressure on daily living condition showed improvement in physical, psychological, and social condition. In addition, it showed a highly statistical significance differences between hot flashes' frequency, severity and times of occurrence before and after intervention also, the ahighly statistical significance differences betweendaily living condition before and after intervention of acupressure .The study concluded that acupressure as self care is effective in reliving hot flash severity and frequency among postmenopausal women. So the researcher recommended applying the developed self care guideline regarding acupressure technique by gynecological nurse to all premenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women.

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Keywords Acupressure, Hot flashes
Issue Date 2015
Journal المجلة المصرية للرعاية الصحية 

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