Effectiveness of PLISSIT Model on Sexual Satisfaction among Newly Married Women Suffering from Sexual Problems

Mostafa, Eman ; Amal Fatthy Mohamed Ahmed ; Ghada Ossama Mohamed Wassif 


Background: Sexual function is one of the most crucial components of marital life and there is a strong correlation between sexual satisfaction and overall satisfaction with marital life. Aim & design: Quasi-experimental study design was conducted aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of the PLISSIT model (permission, limited information, special suggestions, intensive therapy) on Sexual Satisfaction among newly married women suffering from sexual problems. Sample: A purposive sample consisting of forty newly married women and suffered from sexual problems attending Gynecology outpatient clinic at Ain shams university Maternity Hospital. Tools: Data were collected using: 1) Structured interviewing questionnaire including the following parts: A) Socio-demographic sheet. B) Sexual history to assess sexual problems 2) Sexual Satisfaction Scale to assess women’s satisfaction during sexual relation, in addition to Arabic instructional booklet. Results: The result of this study showed that sexual problems encountered by women; painful intercourse, arousal disorder, inhibited sexual desire and lacked orgasm. The majority of participating women did not report any sexual problems in their husbands. The present study also found that there was a significant improvement in certain items reflecting sexual satisfaction in newly married women in post intervention when compared to pre intervention such as “having an exciting sex life, having fun during sex with her partner, Sex life is not monotonous and enjoyable”. Conclusion & recommendation: the study concluded that counseling using PLISSIT model has positive effect on sexual satisfaction level among newly married women. The study recommended that couple awareness directed towards common sexual problems encountered during premarital examination and counseling. Adopting PLISSIT sexual counseling model in addressing sexual dysfunction among diseased & un-diseased women. It could be also recommended that researches compared PLISSIT, with other models in solving the sexual problems of newly married women.

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Keywords Key words: PLISSIT model, sexual problems, sexual satisfaction, newly married.
Issue Date 2017
Conference International Congress Health Care Professionals' Innovations towards Excellence in Enhancing Quality Health Care 18th – 19th October, 2017 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/169918

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