Social Media Applications in Crisis Management of Natural Disasters: Lessons for the Arab Region

Elsamni, Abdulrahman 


This article examines the role of social media in crisis management of natural disasters as it applies to both governments and individual citizens. It aims to determine whether social media applications can reframe the management of natural disasters and offer added value in comparison to traditional media. If so, how, and what, are its limitations? In so doing, this article outlines the strengths and opportunities of social media crisis interaction and weighs them against the weaknesses and potential threats of its use, in order to come out with recommendations on best practices for Arab citizens, governments, and organizations regarding the possible uses of social media in managing natural disasters.

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Keywords Social Media, Applications, Crisis Management, Natural Disasters, Arab Region
Issue Date 2018
Source Elsamni, Abdulrahman (2018). Social media applications in crisis management of natural disasters: Lessons for the Arab region. Arab Media & Society 25, 1-10.
Journal Arab Media & Society 

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