Effect of Health Habits’ Modification Program on Health Status for School Children with Parasitic Infestation in Rural Areas

talat, asmaa ; Ferial Fouad ; Mervat M. Hassan 


Parasitic infestation represents a major cause of morbidity and mortality in school children all over the world. Health habits make children especially vulnerable to parasitic infections. Aim: To evaluate effect of health habits’ modification program on health status for school children with parasitic infestation in rural areas Study Design: A quasi-experimental design was used to conduct this study. Setting: This study was conducted at Toukh Comprehensive Clinic affiliated to Health Insurance in Qalubia Governorate Subjects: A purposeful sample of 105 school children was included in this study. Tools: Three tools I. An interviewing questionnaire, for school children was divided into five parts; to assess demographic characteristics for school children and their modified risk factors, knowledge, attitude, and health habits II. Observational checklist to assess school children practices. III. Medical records of school children’s health status. Results: Revealed that 59% of school children had poor total health habits pre program implementation, while it was modified to become 61% and 84.8% had good total health habits through post program implementation and follow up respectively compared to 41% in pre program implementation with a highly statistically significant difference (P< .0001). Conclusion: The study concluded that there was statistically significant efficacy of the modification program on improving the health habits for school children and their knowledge, attitude, and practices related to parasitic infestation. As well, the program had evident effect on restoring school children’s health status and preventing parasitic complications in addition to enhancing scholastic achievement through program implementation phases (P< .0001). Recommendations: The study recommended that periodical health education about prevention of parasites is necessary to raise school children’s awareness about health habits and improve personal and environmental hygienic measures at school time.

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Keywords school children with parasitic infestation – Health habits related to parasitic infestation – school health nurse.
Issue Date 2016
Publisher Egyptian Journal of Health Care
Journal Egyptian Journal of Health Care, 2016 EJHC Vol.7 No.3 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/170081

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