Egyptian limestones for quicklime manufacture part 1: Characterization of limestone samples for quicklime manufacture

SERRY, M. A. ; Soltan, AbdelMonem 


The main object of the two parts of this work is to assess the suitability of Egyptian limestone deposits for quicklime manufacture. For this purpose, nineteen limestone samples were carefully selected and prepared, to represent the varieties of the main limestone deposits, in the Nile-Valley, Cairo-Suez and Northern-Coast regions. These samples were then characterized for their chemical and mineral composition as well as petrographic and physico-mechanical characteristics. Chemical and mineral compositions were investigated by using XRF, XRD, DTA and TGA methods. Petrographic parameters were revealed by microscopic examination of their thin sections using transmission-light (TLM) technique.

Other data

Issue Date 16-May-2008
Journal ZKG International 

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