Developing And Implementing Evidence Based nursing Guidelines for Women with Gynecological Cancer undergoing Chemotherapy

metwaly, sabah ; Amal Fatthy 


Abstract : Enhancing nurse's knowledge and performance helps them in facing challenges in caring for women with gynecologic cancer undergoing chemotherapy. This study Aim to investigate the effect of developing and implementing of evidence-based nursing guidelines for women with gynecological cancer undergoing chemotherapy. Subject &Method: a quasi-experimental study design was used in carrying out this study at gynecological oncology unit of Maternity Hospital, outpatient& inpatient gynecological department of Radiation Oncology & Nuclear Medicine center of Ain Shams University. A purposive sample of 40 nurses working in these units&50 women was included in the study .Tools: Data were collected through Five types of tools, Opinionnaire sheet for expertise, a structured interviewing questionnaire and observation checklist for nurses, Dairy and opinionnaire sheet to evaluate women’s response to the care they received, In addition to, supportive material (evidence based nursing guideline for women with gynecological cancer) Results: Statistically significant improvements of nurses' knowledge and performance were found after implementation of the guidelines as well as at the follow-up. The percentages of adequate performance have demonstrated a declining trend at 3-month follow-up, but never dropped down to pre-guidelines levels. also The study revealed that women's side effects of chemotherapy were reduced after implementation of evidence based guideline.Conclusion: implementation of evidence based nursing care guidelines led to improvement of nurses’ knowledge &performance, and had a positivewomen's response regarding nursing care they received. Recommendations: developed nursing care guidelines should be more widely used, and similar ones need to be developed for other treatment modalities (radiotherapy surgical treatment).

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Keywords Gynecological cancer, chemotherapy, evidence based nursing guide line.
Issue Date Nov-2015
Conference the 12th international congress "integration scentific research, education and evidance based practice in nursing" November 2015 

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