Problem- bzw. Präventionsbilderbücher in Ägypten und Deutschland. Zur Enttabuisierung der Problematik des sexuellen Missbrauchs von Kindern im Kinderbuchbereich

Radwa Imam 


Based on problem and prevention books, this comparative study puts the first Egyptian picture book addressing sexual abuse of children Ana ghali (I am precious) (2014) by Sara Aziz and the illustrator Rando Harvy in comparison with the German picture book Das kummorvolle Kuscheltier (The Sorrowful Cuddly Toy) (2006) by Katrin Lauer and the illustrator Anette Bley. The paper analyzes and compares the approach to breaking the taboo of sexual abuse of children in two different cultures, examining the prevention role of the two books. Both narrative levels of text and illustration are to be analyzed with regards to the preventive theory of problem-oriented children's literature, developed by Marlene Kruck, an expert in prevention work against sexual violence. Eventually, the results of the paper are presented to Sara Aziz, the author of the Egyptian book, as well as Marlene Kruck in order to further the development of addressing this issue in Egyptian children's literature.

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Issue Date 2019
Publisher Al-Alsun Sprachenfakultät, Ain Shams Universität
Journal Philology 
ISSN 1687-4242

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