Role of Diffusion Weighted MRI in Grading of Endometrial Carcinoma

S. Hussein, Rasha ; Lobna A. Habib ; Nourhan A. Gaber 


Background: Recent developments in diagnostic imaging techniques have magnified the role and potential of MRI in female pelvic imaging. Functional imaging by means of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MRI) is now part of the standard imaging protocols for evaluation of the female pelvis. Objective: This study aimed to highlight the role of Diffusion Weighted MRI in tumor grading noninvasively prior to surgery. Methodology: This study carried out in Radiology Department of Ain Shams University Hospitals. This study included 20 patients. All patients were subjected to careful history taking, Histologic diagnosis of endometrial carcinoma and pelvic MRI was done. Result: The difference between the mean ADC values of high grade and low grade endometrial carcinoma was significant. Conclusion: MRI is accurate in assessing the depth of myometrial invasion and cervical extension, allowing for selective lymphadenectomy, with higher accuracy measures for Diffusion Weighted MRI than for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI in both lesion characterization and staging.

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Issue Date Jul-2018

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