Singer, Nermeen ; Mahmood, Elfarahaty Alsaied ; Elsaeed, Khaled 


Purpose of the study: The aim of this research is to show the importance of entrepreneurship culture in education and orientation institutions towards the mentality of entrepreneurship. Methodology: The research followed the analytical method in the analysis of some theoretical frameworks that talked about the mentality and the culture of entrepreneurship in education because of its value in the mentality of innovative composition and contribute to the development of their societies and become entrepreneurs in the future. Main Findings: The implantation of pioneering values, including the values of independence and self-belief, the sense of ownership and belief in the relationship between the returns and the effort exerted, and to develop education from the direction of projects beginning from childhood to post-university education, in addition to developing education from industrial and commercial projects. Applications of this study: The paper presented some of the educational applications to develop a culture of entrepreneurship among students beginning from childhood till graduation such as transform the role of education from focusing on employment to focusing on the principle of job creation, spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among the students, developing leadership and dynamic management skills of the educational institution. Novelty/Originality of this study: There is no research or studies addressed the culture of entrepreneurship in education starting from kindergarten up to the end of university education and then open up a plan of study areas of research linking the culture of entrepreneurship and education.

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Keywords Children, Culture, Education, Entrepreneurship, Students, Teaching
Issue Date 2-Aug-2019
Publisher GIAP Journals
Source Singer, N., Mahmood, E. A., & ElSaeed, K. (2019). ENTREPRENEURSHIP CULTURE IN EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS: FUTURE PRACTICES AND ASPIRATIONS. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews, 7(1), 450-460. https://doi.org/10.18510/hssr.2019.7151
Journal Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/170315
DOI 10.18510/hssr.2019.7151

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