Ahmed Yasser Mohamed Abd El-Khalek,


No. of daily vehicles accidents and traffic jams in the developing countries is
exceeding every year, although we know that the use of the Road Side Units (RSU) as
access points and essential in the Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication systems to let
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) more accurate and safe, the developing countries
like Egypt don't have well established infrastructure and didn’t implement the RSU, so this
research will try to open new horizons in the best way to implement V2V without RSU
using an optimized current protocol after selecting it from the simulation phase based on
the most useful protocol from the research perspective and then to compare this protocol
with and without RSU in order to check if the KPIs are nearly same or better after doing
more optimization on the protocol in the scenario without the RSU, and finally to
implement a mobile application to justify the simulation results

Other data

Other Titles تطبيق التواصل المباشر من مركبة لمركبة في الدول النامية
Authors Ahmed Yasser Mohamed Abd El-Khalek
Issue Date 2018
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/171901

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