Factors Affecting Quality of Life of School Age Children with Obesity

Doaa Awad Mohammed Mohammed,


Aim of the study was to assess factors affecting the quality of life of school age children with obesity. Research design: A descriptive design was utilized. Settings: The study was conducted in the obesity outpatient clinic of pediatric hospital affiliated to Ain Shams University and National Institute for nutrition at El Kasr El Aini area, Subject: A purposive sample composed of fifty school age children having Obesity. Tools of data collection: A predesigned questionnaire sheet was used to collect data from the children and their mothers about obesity and Kidscreen quality of life scale to assess quality of life (QOL). Results: Revealed that the total level of quality of life domain has average level of effect on children having Obesity and there was highly statistical significant relation between characteristics and QOL of the studied children. Conclusion: This study concluded that, the factors affecting QOL for children with Obesity were Physical well-being, psychological well-being, mood and emotions, peer and social support, school environment, social acceptance/bullying, financial. Recommendations: The study recommended that adequate education for family about the effect of obesity on the quality of life of children.
Key words; Obesity, Overweight, quality of life, school age children.

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Title Factors Affecting Quality of Life of School Age Children with Obesity
Other Titles العوامل التي تؤثر علي جودة حياة الأطفال في سن المدرسه الذين يعانون من السمنه
Authors Doaa Awad Mohammed Mohammed
Issue Date 2018
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/174075

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