Acidification of broiler feeds in relation to bone chemical and biophysical traits

Abdelaziz, Mrwan, A.I.S. El-Faham, A.Y.M. Abdelhady,


A number of 150 one-day old Arbor Acres broiler chicks, was used to examine effects of supplementing diets, with sodium formate, formic acid, probiotics or probiotics-enzymes mix, on growth performance, some blood parameters, tibia chemical composition, and biophysical traits. Birds were distributed into 5 groups; each group was subdivided into 3 replicates of 10 chicks. Birds of control group (T1) were fed basal diets with no supplements, while birds of other groups, were fed basal diets supplemented with 2 g sodium formate/ kg (T2); 2 ml formic acid/ kg (T3); 1 g probiotics/ kg (T4) and 1 g probiotics-enzymes mix/ kg (T5). Values of LBW and BWG were not affected by different treatments. Similarly, values of TFI and FCR appeared significantly similar. Also, Ca and P intake, was not affected by dietary treatments. Blood plasma Ca concentration was increased with (T2) group. While plasma ALP activity was increased with (T4) group. Conversely, plasma P concentration was not affected by dietary treatments. Tibia Ca percentage recorded higher value with (T5) group, while tibia DM was greater with (T1) group. Alternatively, tibia wet weight, ash, and P percentages, remained insignificantly affected by any of dietary treatments. Most of tibia physical traits (TL, TSD, MCD and TV), were significantly similar among all experimental groups, except for MTBW. Likewise, most of tibia mass indices (TRI, TSI, TI and CAI), were insignificantly affected by any of experimental treatments, excluding TD values. Greater tibia stress values were recorded with (T4) and (T5) groups. While, tibia strain, implied no significant differences among all groups. In the same way, tibia of (T4) group presented significantly higher figures of MOE, RY and MBF. It might be concluded that, supplementation basal diets with sodium formate or formic acid could maintain productive performance, while tibia traits were maintained better by feed-added probiotics.

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Title Acidification of broiler feeds in relation to bone chemical and biophysical traits
Authors Abdelaziz, Mrwan ; A.I.S. El-Faham; A.Y.M. Abdelhady
Keywords organic acid - probiotic - enzyme - performance - tibia
Issue Date 1-Jun-2019
Publisher Egyptian Society of Poultry Science
Journal Egyptian Poultry Science Journal, (39) (II): 327-344.
ISSN 1110-5623

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