Use of artificial wetland for the treatment of surface and wastewater

Iman Elazizy ; J SALEK, František Marcián 


Vegetative root zone methods are based on self-purifying processes that take place in the soil, wetland and vegetation containing water media. Our studies are concentrated on the course of puryfying in relation with the length of the filtration bed and on the progress of eliminating the ammoniacal pollution. The research proved that the essential part of the puryfying process takes place within the inlet zone. The decomposition of ammonia proceeds very slowly. The process of nitrification is affected by the lack of oxygen in the filtration media. To improve the effectiveness of vegetative root zone methods we suggest specific steps: an adjustment of the inlet zone, a system of cascades, a water level pulsation system and combinations of different types and arrangements of vegetative root zones.

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Keywords artificail wetland, wastewater, root zone, treatment
Issue Date Dec-1996
Publisher Water Science & Technology
Source 2
Journal Water Science and Technology 
Conference Water Science and Technology - WATER SCI TECHNOLAt: Brno, Chzeck Republic 
DOI 4-5

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