Egyptian experience in increasing utilization of reperfusion therapies in acute ischemic stroke

Zakaria, Magd Fouad ; Aref, Hany ; Abd ElNasser, Azza ; Fahmy, Nagia ; Tork, Mohamed Amir ; Fouad, Mohamed Mahmoud ; ElBokl, Ahmed ; Roushdy, Tamer ; ElFaramawy, Sara ; El-Shiekh, Mohammad Abdullah ; Moustafa, Ramez Reda 


Background The rate of alteplase (tPA) thrombolysis utilization in acute stroke in Egypt is <1%. We report on the causes of this low rate of reperfusion therapies and take corrective action to improve it. Methods Two prospective observational studies were conducted at Ain Shams University hospitals. The first included 269 acute stroke patients admitted to the hospital over a six-month period. Obstacles to reperfusion therapy were identified, and based on the results, a corrective action plan was implemented including making alteplase(tPA) available, training, and establishing a standardized local protocol for reperfusion therapy. A second study was then conducted that included 284 acute ischemic stroke patients over another six-month period. Results In the first study, 53/269 patients (19.7%) arrived at hospital within 4.5 h and were eligible for reperfusion therapy. Of those, seven (13.2%) received alteplase(tPA), representing 2.6% of the total ischemic stroke patients admitted. The main causes for not giving thrombolytic therapy was unavailability of alteplase(tPA) (56.5%), wrong treatment decision (17.4%), missed window while performing brain imaging (15%), and unavailability of intermediate care bed (10.9%). The second study showed that out of 284 cases admitted with acute ischemic stroke, 37 were eligible for thrombolysis and 35 received alteplase(tPA) (94.3%), representing 12.3% of the total ischemic stroke admissions. Conclusion A comprehensive action plan that centers around making the drug available and training resulted in a significant improvement of reperfusion therapy utilization in Egypt.

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Issue Date Jul-2018
Journal International journal of stroke : official journal of the International Stroke Society 

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