Chromium picolinate supplementation improves cardiac performance in hypoxic rats

Abdel-Hady, Enas,


Conditions associated with chronic hypoxia increase morbidity and mortality attributable to cardiovascular complications. Myocardial hypoxia is a common feature in several diseases including: stroke, infarction, anaemia, chronic lung diseases, obstructive sleep apnoea and cyanotic congenital heart defects. The present study was planned to investigate the cardiovascular effects of chronic intermittent hypoxia and its association with increased myocardial oxidative stress. In addition, to evaluate the protective effect of chromium supplementation, aiming at achieving an alternative that may enable to devise a therapy for hypoxic patients.

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Title Chromium picolinate supplementation improves cardiac performance in hypoxic rats
Authors Abdel-Hady, Enas 
Keywords Cardioprotection;chromium;chronic intermittent hypoxia;ischaemia/reperfusion
Issue Date 31-Aug-2022
Journal Acta cardiologica 
ISSN 0001-5385
DOI 10.1080/00015385.2022.2041782
PubMed ID 36044000

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