Numerical simulation of diesel particulate filters in exhaust systems

Hua, X.; Liu, J.; Herrin, D. W.; Elnady, Tamer;


This paper documents a finite element approach to predict the attenuation of muffler and silencer systems that incorporate diesel particulate filters (DPF). Two finite element models were developed. The first is a micro FEM model, where a subset of channels is modeled and transmission matrices are determined in a manner consistent with prior published work by Allam and Åbom. Flow effects are considered at the inlet and outlet to the DPF as well as viscous effects in the channels themselves. The results are then used in a macro FEM model of the exhaust system where the transmission relationship from the micro-model is used to simulate the DPF. The modeling approach was validated experimentally on an example in which the plane wave cutoff frequency was exceeded in the chambers upstream and downstream to the DPF. Copyright © 2011 SAE International.

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Title Numerical simulation of diesel particulate filters in exhaust systems
Authors Hua, X.; Liu, J. ; Herrin, D. W.; Elnady, Tamer 
Issue Date 1-Jan-2011
Journal SAE Technical Papers 
ISSN 01487191
DOI 10.4271/2011-01-1559
Scopus ID 2-s2.0-85072488860

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