Effect of Lufox on haemolymph and ovarian protein in the soft tick, Argas persicus

Abdelhamid, Amira ; Radwan, Wafaa ; Nadia Helmy ; Nawal M. Shanbaky ; Reda F.A. Bakr 


Changes in the total protein titer in the haemolymph (HL) and ovaries (Ov) of mated fed normal and Lufox treated female Argas persicus during the reproductive cycle and in the HL of normal male were studied. Tick engorgement was followed by an intial drop of the HL total protein concentration immediately and up to the 2nd and 3rd day after feeding (daf), then by a gradual increase on next days to reach maximum on 4-7 and 6-7 daf in the female and male, respectively. The level in the female HL was much higher than that in the male during vitellogenesis and the onset of oviposition. In the ovaries of normal female the total protein level increased gradually immediately up to 2 daf and evidently on 3 daf to reach a maximum on 5-7 daf. The protein level in the HL and ovaries decreased after the completion of oviposition (20 daf). Topical application of a single dose of 50 ppm Lufox on the mated female A. persicus on the 3rd daf interfered with protein production causing a significant reduction in the total protein level in the HL (43.04-55.57%) and ovaries (36.47-46.43%) during vitellogenesis on 4-7 daf and in eggs (15.38%) freshly deposited by the treated female. Also, application of Lufox on the 3rd daf altered the normal pattern of change in the level of HL and ovary total protein during the reproductive cycle by preventing any appreciable increase in the level on next days (4-7 daf) where the level remained constant in the ovaries and even decreased in the HL (4-5daf).

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Keywords Argas persicus, Vitellogenesis, Protein, Lufox
Issue Date 2015
Publisher Egypt. Acad. J. biolog. Sci
Journal Egypt. Acad. J. Biolog. Sci., (A. Entomology) 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/1922
ISSN 1687- 8809

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