" Greek Philosophers' Concept of purification"

Bakr, Elham 


Summery " Greek Philosophers' Concept of purification" concept of Purification one of the most important concepts in the history of Philosophy thought, and it has a multiplicity of meanings and cementations within the framework of philosophical thought ( in general ), and the philosophical thought of Greek philosophy ( in particular ). The importance of the concept of purification lies below: 1- The search for the concept of purification is associated with searching for many other important terms such as: The nature of the soul and its immortality, the Dualism between the soul and the body, the doctrine of the Baath and the penalty, and also, the reward and punishment. 2- The concept of purification had associated with philosophical issues as important as: Salvation, the philosophy of pain, Suffering and Death.

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Keywords pollution ,purification,catharsis
Issue Date 4-Nov-2014
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