Response of Strawberry Plants to Foliar Spraying of Chitosan

El-Miniawy, S.M., Ragab, M.E., Youssef, Sabry Mousa Soliman, Metwally, A.A.,


The study was carried out to investigate the effect of foliar sprayings of chitosan extract (2.5 or 5.0 ml/l)
with different number of applications (once, twice or three times) on growth, chlorophyll, mineral content of
leaves, some fruit-quality parameters and yield of strawberry during the two successive seasons of 2009/2010
and 2010/2011. Results revealed that all tested foliar applications of chitosan increased all vegetative growth
characteristics (plant length, number of leaves/plant, leaf area, root and vegetative growth fresh and dry
weights), and yield attributes (fruit weight, early and total yields/plant). However, there was no significant effect
for the tested treatments on leaf chlorophyll content and most of fruit quality characters. The most effective
treatment in enhancing growth, fruit quality and yield of cold stored strawberry cv. Sweet Charlie was found to
be 5.0 ml/l chitosan spraying three times

Other data

Title Response of Strawberry Plants to Foliar Spraying of Chitosan
Authors El-Miniawy, S.M. ; Ragab, M.E. ; Youssef, Sabry Mousa Soliman ; Metwally, A.A. 
Keywords Strawberry, Chitosan, Growth, Yield, Quality
Issue Date 2013
Journal Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, 9(6): 366-372 
ISSN 1816-1561

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