Self-Care among Women Post Cervical Cerclage

Asmaa Mahmoud Mohamed, Dr. Kamilia Ragab Abo Shabana, Dr. Amira Morsy Yousif ; Mossa Soliman, Sahar 


The aim of the present study was to assess self-care practices among pregnant women undergoing post-operative cervical cerclage. This study design was a descriptive study conducted at inpatient unit and post-operative room, in central Basyon Hospital at Tanta city. The sample was purposive sample which was included ninety eight pregnant women. Data was collected through two tools, first tool includes an interviewing questionnaire sheet, second tool include follow up sheet. the results of the present study illustrated that there was statistically significant association between knowledge and self-care practices among the studied sample, about more than one half of women who had unsatisfactory self-care practices have maternal health problem with highly statistically significant difference, also there was highly statistically significant association between gestational age at delivery and self-care practices among the studied sample. The study concluded that the majority of women had incorrect knowledge regarding cervical cerclage and self-care. Also majority of them incorrectly performed self-care after cerclage as positioning, diet, kgel exercise, perineal self-care, drug administration, and follow-up according to schedule. The study recommended that, providing women with health educations about self-care practices post cerclage in the inpatient units and postoperative rooms by nursing staff to enhance maternal satisfaction.

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Keywords self-care, postoperative period, cervical cerclage
Issue Date 5-Jan-2016
Publisher المجلة المصرية للرعاية الصحية
Journal Egyptian journal of health care 
Series/Report no. 1;2

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