Study Effect of Apply Concept Map on Students’ Perception to Antenatal Unit

Attya, Amira ; Mossa Soliman, Sahar ; Safaa Abd-El Raouf Hashim 


Most of the recent studies in nursing education have been focused on outcomes of learning. Using traditional method in studying nursing materials, which emphasizes on cognitive acquisitions, may encourage students to adopt root (memorized) learning rather than meaningful or deep learning approaches. This study was aiming to assess the effect of using of concept map on the nursing students’ achievement. It was conducted on 259 students studying obstetric & gynecology nursing course in the 2014-2015 academic year were recruited in the study. There were divided into two group 122 students attended 1st semester were control group who follow traditional method in their studying while 137 students attended 2nd semester were study group who used the concept map as a study tool. Data were collected through questionnaire sheet, midterm & final written exam and students’ opinionnaire sheet. The result of this study revealed that there is statistically significant difference was found between both groups regarding students’ achievement in the midterm & final exam. There is highly statistically significant difference was found between total knowledge regarding concept map & achievement of the students of control group & study group. There is highly statistically significant difference was found between source of knowledge regarding concept map & achievement of students of the students of both control group & study group. Results provided empirical support for the use of concept mapping as a meta cognitive intervention to increase students’ meaningful learning and academic achievement .The results of concept mapping as a study tool significantly improves third year nursing students’ achievement in antenatal units than traditional method. Based on the finding the following is recommended: Organize workshops and seminars for nursing students to update their knowledge on the use of the concept mapping strategy as a study tool and to save more time for practice. Include concept maps and concept mapping activities in the textbooks.

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Keywords Concept Map – students’ Perception - Antenatal Unit
Issue Date 5-Jan-2016
Publisher المجلة المصرية للرعاية الصحية
Journal Egyptian journal of health care 
Series/Report no. 1;2
Description It is commonly assumed that adult students are proficient in how to learn. However, it is evident that even college students have difficulty abstracting important information, discerning relationships between ideas, and integrating the information with their prior knowledge to form coherent understandings. In addition that, there is a growing awareness of the need for changes in nursing education systems, especially in developing self-learning techniques where the student is an active in the learning process. If the educational goal in nursing is indeed to develop a professional who is able to self-direct and to continue on the educational path, the individual must be skilled in the process of self learning . One such educational strategy is concept mapping, which involves the use of flow charts to organize central concepts and which facilitates understanding of the relationships between them. Research has shown that concept mapping is an advanced method for successful learning. As it can help advance learning processes and develop skills needed by the student, such as critical thinking, organization of information, understanding complex relationships, and the integration of theoretical knowledge and nursing practice.

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