Effect of Health Educational Program for Females Blinded Adolescents Students regarding Reproductive Health

Hala Sabra Abd Elmegaly, Aziza Attia ; Mossa Soliman, Sahar 


Reproductive health is one of the most fundamental aspects of life and it received little attention in public policy discussions because of cultural and political sensitivities. Aim of this study: This study was aimed to assess effect of audio teaching programme on blind girls about reproductive health knowledge & attitude. Design: A quasi-experimental design was applied to achieve the aim of the study. Setting: The study was carried out in El-Nor and El-Aml School in Cairo City( Mustafa Asaker), Elfayoum City& Benisuef City. Sample :purposive sample included 60(6%) blind girl were found in El-Nor and El-Aml school, staying and not staying at school. Criteria: Aged 12-19 years, blind girls, attained menarche, unmarried & able to communicate. Tool: Data was collected through An interviewing questionnaire which include three parts 1) socio-demographic characteristics of the girl 2) assess their knowledge about reproductive health. 3) Likert rating scale to assess attitude regard reproductive health. Results: after applying the audio teaching program the study shows high significant improvement in blind girl's knowledge and attitude regarding reproductive health post program with highly statistically differences (P<0.001). Conclusion: According to the finding and research hypothesis, the blind girl's in El-Nor and El-Aml schools their knowledge and attitude improved post applying audio teaching program and there were significant relation differences pre & post audio teaching program Adolescents blinded girl's in El-Nor and El-Aml schools their knowledge &Attitude were upgrading after implementation of the health education program about reproductive health. Recommendations: The study recommended that continuous health educational program should be provided to adolescents blinded students about reproductive health & findings emphasize that information about reproductive health should be included in the school curriculum, and that there should be better communication between female students and their teachers, and between daughters and mothers

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Keywords Adolescent, Reproductive Health, Blind girl, knowledge, attitude
Issue Date 5-Jan-2017
Publisher المجلة المصرية للرعاية الصحية
Journal Egyptian journal of health care 
Series/Report no. 1;2
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/2078

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