Immunity competence and some genetic aspects related to productive traits for five different genetic groups of chickens

Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; M.YMahrous ; Rania A.A. Younis 


This experiment was carried out to investigate and compare immunity, egg quality and some genetic aspects (Number of alleles, Frequency range and Heterozygosity( of genes responsible for traits under study for five genetic groups of chickens (pure Fayoumi (Fay), Fayoumi naked neck (Fay Nana), Fayoumi frizzle (Fay Ff), Fayoumi naked neck frizzed (Fay NanaFf ) and Brown Hy-Line). The pure Fayoumi and chicken carrying major gene of naked neck (Na) and frizzle (F) genes showed high eggshell strength and thicker eggshell thickness compared to Browne Hy-Line strain. Pure Fayoumi and FayNanaFgenetic groups were better in cellular and humoral responses than either Brwon HyLine, Fay-Nanaff or Fay-nanaFf genotypes. The pure Fayoumi and Fay-NanaFf genetic group have a higher immunity against bacteria than other genetic groups under study. The lowest numbers of specific alleles were traced in pure Fayoumi (MCW241 associated with AFE, BW, Eg. wt.; ADL273 associated with EN ( than Brown Hy-Line strain, Fay-NanaFf, Fay-Nana and Fay-nanaFf genetic groups. No specific alleles were detected in using primers MCW246; HM136609 and HM136610 for Brown Hy-Line strain.

Other data

Keywords immunity,;genetic diversity,;egg quality.
Issue Date 2015
Journal Egypt. Poult. Sci. Vol (35) (I): (107 -122) (2015). 

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