Assessing the genetic variability in egg production and egg quality traits of four Egyptian local strains of chickens using RAPD and SSR techniques

Lamiaa Mostafa Radwan ; M.Y. Mahrous ; M.E. EL-Denary 


Local chicken strains are important, especially to the smallholder systems in developing countries. In this study we attempt to estimate the genetic characterization of some Egyptian local chicken strain/populations using SSR and RAPD markers. In four populations of Fayoumi, Gimmizah, Bandarah and Mandarah strains, egg production and quality parameters (egg number, weight, mass, eggshell strength, albumen weight, albumen percentage, Haugh units and yolk index) were recorded and evaluated for the first 3 months of the production cycle. Fayoumi eggs recorded a significant increase in the eggshell strength and yolk percentage when compared to other strains. On the other hand, Fayoumi hens recorded a significant decrease in egg production, egg weight and egg mass compared to Gimmizah, Bandarah and Mandarah ones. Yolk index showed a significant increase for Fayoumi eggs compared to all studied eggs strains. Moreover, albumen weight and albumen percentage recorded a significant increase for eggs of Bandarah and Mandarah compared to those of Fayoumi and Gimmizah strains. Six SSR and five RAPD primers were used to estimate genetic heterogeneity. Molecular marker analysis indicated that Bandarah and Mandarah showed a similarity of 60% in one group, while Gimiezah’s similarity only reached 53%. On the other hand, Fayoumi was less similar to the other tested strains (about 40%). Heterozygozity within each studied strain -based on allele frequency- was also studied. Fayoumi breed showed lower heterozygozity (0.23) than Gimieizah, Mandara and Bandara which showed 0.26, 0.30 and 0.31 heterozygote values respectively. So, we recommend that SSR technique is useful in establishing genetic relationship among the populations and in indicating the purity of the breeds.

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Keywords RAPD;SSR;genetics, Egyptian strains,;production parameters
Issue Date 2015
Journal Egyptian J. Anim. Prod. (2015) 52(1):55-61. 

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