Das Fremderleben in Barbara Frischmuths Die Schrift des Freundes (1998) und Hannah Dübgens Über Land (2016)

Asaad, Hend 


This paper is a comparative imagological analysis of the novels Die Schrift des Freundes (1998) by Barbara Frischmuth and Über Land (2016) by Hannah Dübgen. It aims to examine the direct communication with the stranger because the discussion with the stranger includes the discussion with the Self. The encounter with other religions and cultures opens up new ways for the self, to understand one’s own self from different angles. In this context, this study is to analyze the two novels with respect to interpretive models of experiencing the strangeness by Ortfried Schäffter and tries to answer the question about the influence of the stranger on the Self and the complementarity between them

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Issue Date 2017
Journal Germanistische Beiträge, Band 41 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/123456789/216
DOI http://reviste.ulbsibiu.ro/gb/

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