Enzymatic treatments of sugarcane bagasse by different sources of cellulase enzymes

Gado, Hany ; HM Metwally ; AA El-Basiony ; HS Soliman ; Etab R Abd El-Galil 


This study investigated the effect of using three sources of cellulase enzyme for sugarcane bagasse treatment under anaerobic conditions. Two experimental trials were conducted; Experiment 1: was designed to study the effect of biological treatments on chemical composition and structure of cell wall of bagasse. Experiment 2: Rate and extent technique using in vitro procedure to compare among the effect of six treatments on dry and organic matter disappearances (IVDMD and IVOMD) of bagasse silage. Bagasse was ensiled or not using one of the following treatments:(1) untreated control,(2) additive mixture solution,(3) cellulase enzyme 15%,(4) cellulase enzyme 25%,(5) rumen liquor, and (6) Cellulomonas cellulasea. Results indicated that addition of 15% cellulase enzyme to bagasse caused the highest DMD and OMD while the untreated bagasse silage had the lowest value.

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Keywords sugarcane bagasse;cellulase enzyme;goats;cell wall structure;in vitro
Issue Date 2007
Publisher Egyptian J. Nutrition and Feeds
Journal Egyptian J. Nutrition and Feeds Volume 10 Issue 2 Pages 607-620 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/2282

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