Effects of exogenous enzymes on nutrients digestibility and growth performance in sheep and goats

Hany Gado ; Abdel-Fattah ZM Salem ; Mounir El-Adawy ; Luis Miguel Camacho ; Manuel Ronquillo ; Haidy Alsersy ; Borhami E Borhami 


Six crossbred sheep (32.00±0.603 kg BW) and 6 Baladi goats (18.00±0.703 kg BW) were used in 2×2 factorial design to evaluate the effect of exogenous enzymes of ZADO® (i.e., ENZ) and on digestibility and growth performance. Animals were fed on wheat straw ad libitum and restricted amount of commercial concentrate with (+ENZ) or without (-ENZ) 10 g/animal/day of ZADO to cover 120% of their maintenance requirements. Nutrients digestibilities were increased (P<0.01) in +ENZ groups and it was better in goats than sheep. Goats had the lowest total DMI that associated with an increased in digestibility and ADG more than sheep. Feed efficiency, metabolizable protein intake and net energy for growth occurred sheep and goats diets of +ENZ and the highest (P<0.01) values were observed in goats received +ENZ diet. These results suggested a good performance of goats than sheep received ENZ under the critical conditions of shortage feedstuffs in Egypt.

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Keywords enzymes;enzymes;goats;digestibility;average daily gain
Issue Date 14-Jul-2011
Journal Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems Volume 14 Issue 3 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/2287

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