Use Different Dietray Sources Of Energy In Growing Finishing Sheep Rations

H.M. Metwally ; Etab Ramadan Ibrahim Abd El-Galil 


Tapioca was including in growing finishing lamb rations for 90 days before marketing ,to study its effect on daily weight gain ,carcass characteristics ,feed intake, Feed conversion and rumen parameters in comparison with barely and corn grains. Invitro and Invivo digestion trials were conducted to study dry matter disappearance and digestion for tapioca, barely and corn. Thirty ossimi lambs were used in feeding trial through which sample were collected to determent digestion coefficient of experimental diets. Results showed no significant differences(P>0.05) among the three foodstuff . Chemical analysis cleared that ash and ADF contents higher for tapioca while its contents of EE and CP lower than barely and corn. Feeding trials were indicated that diets containing tapioca was the greatest value in daily weight gain and dry matter intake(186.60 and 2195.0 (g/ h/d) ) while feed conversion was no significant difference(P>0.05) with experimental diets . Live body weight and carcass weight in diet content tapioca (49.0 and 26.50 kg) were higher than (P<0.05) diet content barely or corn (45.10 and 24.2 or 44.90 and 23.50 kg, respectively). Digestibility indicated that tapioca diet was less DM,OM,ADF and nitrogen than other diets. It was concluded that tapioca can replace barely or corn in growing finishing lamb diets and improve carcass parameters ,average daily gain without adversely affecting daily gain or dry matter intake, with takes economic factors .

Other data

Keywords tapioca ,barely, corn, energy sources ,Invitro dry matter, nutritive value, finishing sheep.
Issue Date Sep-2011
Journal Nature and Science 

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