Perception Of Student Nurses Towards The Use Of Portfolio In A Faculty Of Nursing

Salwa S. Kamal and Nagwa R. Attia ; Samir, Salwa 


he use of portfolio for learning and assessment within nursing education has recently increased. The main purposes of developing a portfolio is to link understanding about clinical experiences and theoretical knowledge, promotion of student-centered learning and reflective learning. It is important that students developing a portfolio understand the process. Unless portfolio is perceived by students to be relevant and useful, they will not be committed to using portfolios to their full potential. This paper aimed to identify perception of student nurses towards the use of portfolio and to compare the perception of first and second year student nurses towards the use of portfolio. The sample of the study composed of 376 first and second year students studying medical surgical nursing, in a faculty of nursing. Students were asked to respond voluntary to portfolio perception questionnaire, which was developed by researchers. The results of the present showed that students stated that portfolio encourage their independent learning, understanding and utilization of basic concepts. The results showed also some discrepancies between first and second year students in their perceptions toward portfolio. Students expressed how the portfolio process could be improved and they recommended the continued use of portfolio in subsequent study years.

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Keywords Portfolio, Perception, Nursing education
Issue Date 2010
Journal Journal of American Science 
Series/Report no. 6;12
ISSN 1545-1003
DOI 10.7537/marsjas061210.160

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