Karyotype Criteria of Some Taxa of Asteraceae (Compositae) from Saudi Arabia.

H. Qari, Ehab A. Kamel and Khaled S. Ali. ; Ehab Abdel-Razik Kamel 


Karyotype Features for 12 taxa of Asteraceae (Compositae) from different geographic areas from Saudi Arabia studied. Karyotyping were carried out to construct a karyogram. Chromosome types were determined. All measurements of chromosome length (MCL) and chromosome arm ratio (i.e. MAR) within the karyotype were estimated. Results revealed that eight taxa were found to have a basic chromosome number of x = 9. On the other hand, numbers of somatic chromosome varied between 2n = 14 in the case of Pulicaria crispa to a tetraploid of 2n = 32 Osteospermum vaillantii. Most of taxa studied have karyotypes of metacentric to submetacentric chromosomes. Polyploidy numbers of chromosomes were recorded only with Osteospermum vaillantii as a tetraploid of 2n = 32 (x = 8). Launaea capitata had the longest chromosomes (MCL=6.27±0.33 μm), whereas Anvillea garcinii had the shortest chromosomes (MCL 2.21+0.24 μm). All patterns of the studied karyotypes were found to be symmetric with total form percent (TF%) above 40 except Pluchea dioscoridis had a TF% of 39.12. The highest value of TF% (47.03) was found in Anvillea garcinii. Conclusively, the values of TF%, calculated MAR, intra-chromosomal asymmetry index (A1and inter-chromosomal asymmetry index A2) for the studied species are supportive to the assumption that the karyotype in the family were symmetrical.

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Keywords Karyotype Features, Asteraceae (Compositae) Taxa, Chromosomes , Saudi Arabia Flora
Issue Date 2016
Publisher International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences (IJBPAS)
Journal International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences (IJBPAS) 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/2323

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