Effect of Vitamin A and Iodine Status on Thyroid Gland Functions in Rats

Zakia Mostafa Abdel-kader, Heba Barakat, Rasha Hamed Mahmoud and Nehad Naem Shosha ; Naem, Nehad 


Vitamin A (VA) deficiency (VAD) and iodine deficiency (ID) disorders (IDD) are major global public health problems, mostly affecting women of reproductive age and young children. The present study aims to investigate the effect of iodine and VA (deficient, sufficient or supplement) alone and in combination on of thyroid gland functions in hypothyroid rat model. 60 weaning male albino rats were fed on VA and iodine deficient diet for 4 weeks to induce hypothyroidism. Then they were divided into six groups, 10 rats per group. Each group received different diet which differs in their content of iodine and VA for a consecutive 2 weeks. These groups were compared with 20 control rats. Serum TSH, TT4, FT4, TT3, and FT3 were measured to estimate the efficiency of each diet on treatment of hypothyroidism. Also, serum retinol was measured to determine the influence of VA in replenishing VA deficiency status. Moreover, hepatic and serum lipid profiles, serum glucose, and hepatic glycogen were estimated to detect the effect of thyroid gland functions on cardiovascular disease and carbohydrate metabolism. The results showed that, however VA alone was effective in improvement TSH level; it had no effect on thyroid gland function. Whereas, when VA was in combination with iodine in the sufficient diet, they significantly promoted the normalization of thyroid gland functions than iodine alone. Moreover, treatment of hypothyroidism could reduce the serum and hepatic lipid profiles with no significant effect on both of serum glucose and hepatic glycogen values. Hence, the treatment of hypothyroidism by iodine supplementation would be a risk factor for hyperthyroidism, therefore this study suggested a better treatment for hypothyroidism by the standard sufficient iodine diet in relation to VA status. Also, the current treatment of hypothyroidism showed beneficial effects in reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease and carbohydrate metabolic disorders

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Keywords vitamin A, iodine, hypothyroidism, lipids, rats
Issue Date 2011
Journal Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 5(4): 102-110 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/2328

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