Space time structure and electromagnetism

M. I. Wanas ; Samah Abd El-Aziz Saber Ammar 


Two Lagrangian functions are used to construct geometric field theories. One of these Lagrangians depends on the curvature of space, while the other depends on curvature and torsion. It is shown that the theory constructed from the first Lagrangian gives rise to pure gravity, while the theory constructed using the second Lagrangian gives rise to both gravity and electromagnetism. The two theories are constructed in a version of absolute parallelism geometry in which both curvature and torsion are, simultaneously, nonvanishing. One single geometric object, W-tensor, reflecting the properties of curvature and torsion, is defined in this version and is used to construct the second theory. The main conclusion is that a necessary condition for geometric representation of electromagnetism is the presence of a nonvanishing torsion in the geometry used.

Other data

Keywords Geometrization of physics, a pure geometricmatter tensor, gravity theory, Riemaniann cartan
Issue Date 2010
Publisher World Scientific publishing company
Source 5
Journal Modern Physics Letters A 
DOI 10.1142/S0217732310032883

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