Influence of Exogenous Enzymes on In Vitro Ruminal Degradation of Ensiled Rice Straw with DDGS

Gado, Hany ; AZM Salem ; LM Camacho ; MMY Elghandour ; MC Salazar 


The objective of this study was to determine the effect of exogenous enzymes (ENZ) on nutrient profile and ruminal degradability of rice straw (RS), distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and their mixture (RS with 10% DDGS). Ten samples of each fibrous feed were mixed with ZADĀ® (mixture of cellulases, xylanaxes, proteases and alpha amylase). ENZ was added at 0, 1 and 3 L to one ton of the fibrous feeds and the mixture was ensiled for 30 days. Feed samples were incubated for 72 h in rumen liquor of sheep to determine the degradability of DM, NDF and ADF. Pretreatment of feeds and their mixture (RS and DDGS) with ENZ at 3 L were increased (P<0.01) the degradation of NDF and ADF. Degradation fractions (a, b, (a+b) and c) of feeds were improved (P<0.01) at 3 L of ENZ, except the c of NDF and ADF of RS which were not affected by ENZ treatment. The results suggested a strong potential in improving digestion of RS and DDGS as well as their mixture with the pretreatment with ENZ. The dose of 3 L/ton of fibrous product improved the DM, NDF and ADF degradability.

Other data

Keywords DDGS;Degradability;Exogenous enzymes;Fiber fractions;Rice straw
Issue Date 1-Sep-2013
Publisher Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology

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