Usage of treated rice straw with exogenous anaerobic bacterial enzymes (ZAD) for Ossimi sheep

Gomaa, R. ; Gado, Hany ; El-Sayed, H. ; Abd El Mawla, S. 


The objectives of this study were to verify the potential benefits of growing green barley on anaerobic enzyme (ZAD) treated rice straw. In addition, the work intended to investigate the effect of this treatment on digestibility parameters in Ossimi sheep. A complete random design was used to distribute twelve mature male of Ossimi sheep (45.0 + 0.5 kg wt.) on the following treatments: Rice straw with grown barley (RSGB) without either ZAD or orange pulp (control, T1), RSGB plus ZAD (T2), RSGB plus orange pulp (T3) and RSGB + ZAD + orange pulp (T4). The obtained results could be summarized as follow: 1. Significant decreases were observed in %CF from 38.09 for T1 to 32.01 and 30.02 for rations T4 and T2 respectively (P < 0.05). Percentage values of NDF were 70.01, 72.10 and 76.01 for rations T4, T2 and T1 respectively (P < 0.05); while %ADF values were 50.05, 52.10 and 58.10 for rations T4, T2 and T1 respectively (P < 0.05) %ADL was 6.01 for T4 versus 8.01for T1. Significant increases in %CP content to 7.96, 7.10, 7.95 were observed for rations T4, T3, T2 respectively compared to the control ration which was 5.75 (P < 0.05).2. Adding ZAD to RSGB significantly increased (P < 0.05) %TDN to 55.02 and 59.02 for treatments T2 and T4 respectively and increased digestibility coefficients of CP to 72.43 and 77.70 respectively.3. Rams fed rations T2, T3 and T4 had significantly higher values of ruminal ammonia-N 3 h post feeding values were 25.41, 25.03, 25.96 mg/100 ml respectively and total volatile fatty acids 3 h. Post feeding values were 8.20, 8.13 and 8.26 meq/100 ml respectively.4. Adding either ZAD, orange pulp or both to RSGB significantly increased (p < .05) plasma total protein values were 6.43, 6.23, 5.82 g/dl for treatments T4, T3, and T2 respectively, while treating rations with ZAD reflected low level of GPT 6 h. Post feeding values were 20.64 and 20.61 for treatments T2 and T4 respectively versus T1 (20.90 μ/l).It could be concluded that the anaerobic enzyme matrix (ZAD) improved the nutritive value of soilless green barley and improved their digestibility coefficients in Ossimi sheep.

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Keywords Ossimi rams;Barely;Exogenous enzymes;Rice straw
Issue Date 2012
Journal Annals of Agricultural Sciences 
DOI 10.1016/j.aoas.2012.09.002

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