Ion beam modification of surface properties of CR-39

Abdul-Kader, A.M. ; Elbadry, Basma ; Zaki, M.F. ; Hegazy, Tarek M. ; Hashem, Hany M. 


The effects of ion-beam bombardment on the physical and chemical properties of poly(allyl diglycol carbonate) (CR-39) polymer have been investigated. CR-39 samples were bombarded with 320 keV Ar and 130 keV He ions at fluences ranging from 1×1013to 2×1016ions/cm2. The nature and extent of radiation damage induced were studied by UV-VIS spectrometry, Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, as well as Vickers' hardness measurements. In addition, the effect of ion fluence on the wetting properties of ion-beam bombarded CR-39 polymer was determined by measuring the contact angle for distilled water. UV-VIS spectra of bombarded samples reveal that the optical band gap decreases with increasing ion fluence for both Ar and He ions. In the FTIR spectra, changes in the intensity of the bands on irradiation relative to pristine samples occurred with the appearance of new bands. XRD analyses showed that the degree of ordering of the CR-39 polymer is dependent on the ion fluence. Changes of surface layer composition and an increase in the number of carbonaceous clusters produced important change in the energy gap and the surface wettability. The surface hardness increased from 10.54 MPa for pristine samples to 28.98 and 23.35 MPa for samples bombarded with Ar and He ions at the highest fluence, respectively. © 2010 Taylor & Francis.

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Issue Date 2010
Journal Philosophical Magazine 
DOI 19

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