Neuropsychological impairments across unmedicated acutely-ill and medicated remitted phases of bipolar I disorder

Lotaief Farouk., Refaat Ghada., Khalifa Doaa., El-Sheikh Mona., Zaki Nivert. and Hewedi Doaa 


Previous research has demonstrated neuropsychological impairments in bipolar disorder. Only few studies compared cognitive functions across different clinical states of bipolar disorder. To investigate and verify the patterns of cognitive dysfunction in the different phases of bipolar disorder and to find out the relationship between clinical features and cognitive impairments. Four groups; 28 manic, 21 depressed, 25 euthymic patients and 20 healthy control were administered a brief battery of neuropsychological tests for assessment of attention, executive function, visual and verbal memory. All bipolar groups showed poorer neuropsychological performance in all tests compared to the control group. The 3 bipolar groups showed some distinct pattern in types and severity of cognitive impairments. Patients with longer duration of illness, early onset, greater number of episodes and with history of psychotic features were found to show poorer performance. Cognitive impairments are present across all phases of bipolar disorder. Although they seem to be genuine in nature, they are influenced by chronicity of illness, frequency of episodes and psychiatric symptoms.

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Issue Date 2007
Journal Current Psychiatry 
ISSN 1687-7802

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