Compact Optical MEMS 1xN Beam-Splitter Based on Multi-Mode Interference for Optofluidic Applications

Ahmed M. Othman ; Mazen Erfan ; Yasser M. Sabry ; Sébastien Nazeer ; Marwa Ragheb ; Diaa Khalil 


In this work, we present the design and characterization of a 1xN beam splitter based on an MMI waveguide fabricated on MEMS technology. The proposed structure also has the advantage of allowing the splitter to be used at wavelengths below the 1.1 µm silicon cut off wavelength that is needed for many optofluidic applications. A compact splitter design is achieved by guiding the light in air in a parallel plate waveguide structure with the lowest achievable guiding refractive index, with paired excitation in the input and parabolic tapering in the waveguide width along its length. The structure is simulated at different wavelengths using a wide angle FD-BPM technique. Measurement results of the fabricated structure are also shown at wavelengths of 1310 nm and 980 nm.

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Keywords Beam Splitter, Multimode Interference, MEMS
Issue Date 2017
Publisher Sciforum
Source Othman, A.; Erfan, M.; Sabry, Y.; Nazeer, S.; Ragheb, M.; Khalil, D. COMPACT OPTICAL MEMS 1×N BEAM-SPLITTER BASED ON MULTI-MODE INTERFERENCE FOR OPTOFLUIDIC APPLICATIONS. In Proceedings of the Optofluidics 2017, 25–28 July 2017;
Conference The 7th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Optofluidics 2017 

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