Study of the Characteristics of Drainage Filters

Abdel-Monim, Yehia ; S. A. Ead, Y. K. Abdel-Monim, E. S. El- Mergawey 


Subsurface drainage has become more popular in use than the ditch drainage system all over the world. With the increase of environmental concern, the advantages of subsurface drainage add to reduce the percentage of land taken in the construction. Subsurface drainage system consists mainly of perforated pipes surrounded by granular filter material. This paper studies experimentally the effect of the properties of filter material around a drainage pipe on the water table for different durations and distances from the drainage pipe. A perforated UPVC pipe was used to simulate the field drain. Four types of mixes of dolomite stones with different sizes were used to simulate natural filters. Different properties of the filter material (porosity, uniformity, mean size, hydraulic conductivity) were examined to study their effect on the performance of the filter in cases of flow under variable head and under constant head. It was found that the properties of filters affect the flow characteristics considerably.

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Issue Date Aug-2007
Journal Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 
Conference 18th Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference 
ISBN 1894662156

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