Countercurrent Jet and Its Use in Control Irrigation Structures

Abdel-Monim, Yehia ; Yehia Kamal Abdel-Monim 


Countercurrent jet issues a plan wall jet that goes in adverse direction with respect to channel flow. In this paper, the free and submerged countercurrent jets were studied theoretically and experimentally under the Egyptian low head irrigation structures’ conditions where the head driving the flow, and consequently the supercritical Frounde numbers are not very high. In the theoretical study, the momentum and the continuity equations were used to get equations describing the depth ratio and the efficiency of energy dissipation as functions of the jet Froude number. The jet Froude number used in the experimental study ranged between 1.43 and 3.05. Good agreement was noticed between the experimental data and the theoretical equations in case of submerged countercurrent jet while empirical equations were given in case of free one. The efficiency of energy dissipation was found to increase with the increase of jet Froude number. The free countercurrent jet was found more efficient as an energy dissipater than the submerged one.

Other data

Keywords Low Head Irrigation Structures, Countercurrent Jet, Depth Ratio, Energy Dissipation, Stilling Basins.
Issue Date Apr-2003
Conference Al-Azhar Engineering 7th International Conference 

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