Finite iterative Hermitian R-conjugate solutions of the generalized coupled Sylvester-conjugate matrix equations

Bayoumi, A.M.E. ; Ahmed M. E. Bayoumi 


© 2018 Elsevier Ltd. In this paper, an iterative algorithm for solving a generalized coupled Sylvester-conjugate matrix equations over Hermitian R-conjugate matrices given by A1VB1+C1WD1=E1VF1+G1 and A2VB2+C2WD2=E2VF2+G2 is presented. When these two matrix equations are consistent, the convergence theorem shows that a solution can be obtained within finite iterative steps in the absence of round-off error for any initial arbitrary Hermitian R-conjugate solution matrices V1, W1. Some lemmas and theorems are stated and proved where the iterative solutions are obtained. A numerical example is given to demonstrate the behavior of the proposed method and to support the theoretical results.

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Issue Date 2018
Journal Computers and Mathematics with Applications 

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