Языковая картина арабской весны и ее отражение в российских СМИ

Ashraf Attia ; Adikhanov D.S. 


The Article discusses the problem of the new realities that emerged against the background of the Arab Spring, researches the Arabic names of these realities and the nature of their reflection in the Russian media, shows different variant Russian equivalents of Arabic words-realities, discusses the methods used to transfer these words into Russian, language, among which stand out above all hypo-giperonim translation and tracing. We study the differences in the meaning of Arabic names and their Russian equivalents, and tells that such an analysis will be of interest to specialists in the sphere of translation theory and practice, comparative linguistics and Oriental Studies.

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Other Titles The linguistic view of the Arab Spring and its reflection in the Russian media
Keywords Арабская Весна; Арабский язык; Реалия; Термин; Калькирование; Гипо-гиперонимический перевод; заимствование; Транслитерация; Варваризм; Изафетное словосочетание; Салафизация; Салафизм.;Keywords: Arab Spring, Realities, Arabic names, Terms, Russian equivalents, Hypo-giperonim translation, Borrowing, Comparative linguistics; Salafism
Issue Date 2013
Journal Philological science. Questions of theory and practice 
Series/Report no. № 11 (29);P. 30-35
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/123456789/580
ISSN 1997-2911

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