Вопрос об антропоцентрическом лексикографировании синонимов в двуязычном словаре

ِAshraf Attia 


In this paper we examine how the Russian synonyms are presented in a Russian-Arabic dictionary and will be presented the mechanism of the lexicographic description of the studied units, which would take into account all aspects of synonyms. It is recognized that the synonyms of the Russian language capabilities are great. For the expression of a concept can be used not one word to express the range and variety of shades of meaning. In this case the inability to choose words and designs that express the desired value, leads to a semantic error. Information about the characteristics of synonyms, the difference between them is very relevant to any speaker in that language, rather than an interpreter, who must learn the differences between synonyms for the correct, adequate expression of the concept.

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Other Titles The issue of anthropocentric lexicography of synonyms in a bilingual dictionary
Keywords Лексикографирование, антропоцентризм, синонимия, русское слово, двуязычный словарь, описание;Russian synonyms, Russian-Arabic dictionary, lexicographic description, concept, anthropocentrism
Issue Date 2011
Journal Herald of KazNU. Al-Farabi. Series of Oriental Studies 
Series/Report no. No. 3 (56);P. 49-56
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/123456789/582
ISSN 1563-0226

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