An Evaluative Study of the Quantitative and the Qualitative Realities in the Experimental Kindergartens at Nasr City Educational Zone

Nahla M.Loutfy Nofal 


The study attempts to answer thebasic question, "How far do the experimental kindergartens at Nasr City Educational Zone strike a balance between the quantitative and the qualitative considerations?".The dissertation has five chapters; the first chapter discusses the theoretical framework;the second chapter deals with the introduction of experimental kindergartens in Egypt and the regulations that are followed andthe third chapter discusses thequantitative and the qualitative realities at these kindergartens. The fourth chapter explains in detail the tools of the field study: two questionnaires, one directed to the directors of the experimental kindergartens and the second to the teachers. Also, anobservation card is usedin order to evaluate the physical environmentfound at the kindergartens. The fifth chapter lists the results and the recommendations in addition to the attempt tosuggest a vision that takes note of the available resources at the time of the study.

Other data

Keywords the experimental kindergartens, the quantitative reality,the qualitative reality, curricula and methods, tools and equipment, books and guides, buildings and finance.
Issue Date 2004
Publisher Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Women's College, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Description M.Ed. dissertation in the Foundations of Child Education

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