The Use of the Total Quality Approach in the Development of Kindergarten Teachers' Preparation at the Egyptian Universities

Nahla M.Loutfy Nofal 


The study coincides with the second stage of the quality assurance and accreditation project (2008-2012) initiated by the HEEP-F or the Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund at the Ministry of Higher Education in Cairo. It has seven chapters where the first chapter deals with the general framework and the second chapter deals with the philosophy and the principles of the total quality approach. The third chapter deals with the contemporary trends in the preparation of kindergarten student/teachers with special emphasis on four countries: Canada, Germany, Japan and Malaysia. The fourth chapter deals with the realities found in the process of preparing kindergarten student/teachers at Egyptian Universities. The fifth chapter deals with the use of total quality in developing this preparation and the sixth chapter deals with the field study.Six criteria are investigated that deal with the system of preparing student/teachers in Egyptian Universities andsix other criteria are mentioned that deal with the administration of the Egyptian colleges and departments of Early Childhood Education at the time of the study.The seventh chaptergivessome recommendations and ends with a proposed vision for preparing student/teachers in the discipline in the light of the total quality approach.

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Keywords Total Quality Management, the preparation of early childhood teachers in Canada, the preparation of early childhood teachers in Germany, the preparation of early childhood teachers in Japan, the preparation of early childhood teachers in Malaysia,the preparation of early childhood teachers in Egypt.
Issue Date 2007
Publisher Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Women's College, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Description a Ph. D. dissertation in"the Foundations of Child Education"

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