Poster: PREXT: Privacy extension for Veins VANET simulator

Emara K. 


Preserving location privacy is an important aspect in vehicular ad-hoc networks. Although location privacy is thoroughly studied in the past decade, it is usually skipped in VANET simulators. In this paper, we propose a location privacy extension, PREXT, for Veins framework. Currently, PREXT supports seven privacy schemes of different approaches including silent period, context-based and cryptographic mix-zone. It can be also easily extended to include more schemes. It includes adversary modules that can eavesdrop vehicle messages and track their movements. This adversary is used in measuring the gained privacy in terms of several popular metrics such as entropy, traceability and pseudonym usage statistics. We utilize this extension to compare among different schemes in an urban scenario.

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Issue Date 27-Jan-2017
Conference IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, VNC 
ISBN 9781509051977

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