Fermion masses and mixing in intersecting brane scenarios

Chamoun, N. ; Khalil, S. ; Lashin, Elsayed 


We study the structure of Yukawa couplings in intersecting D6-branes wrapping a factorizable 6-torus compact space T^6. Models with MSSM-like spectrum are analyzed and found to fail in predicting the quark mass spectrum because of the way in which the family structure for the left-handed, right-handed quarks and, eventually, the Higgses is `factorized' among the different tori. In order to circumvent this, we present a model with three supersymmetric Higgs doublets which satisfies the anomaly cancellation condition in a more natural way than the previous models, where quarks were not treated universally regarding their branes assignments, or some particular branes were singled out being invariant under orientifold projection. In our model, the family structures for the left, right quarks, left leptons and the Higgses arise from one of the tori and can naturally lead to universal strength Yukawa couplings which accommodate the quark mass hierarchy and the mixing angles.

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Keywords High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Issue Date 2004
Publisher American Physical Society
Journal Physical Review D 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/123456789/752
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevD.69.095011

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