Anti-inflammatory activity of green versus black tea aqueous extract in a rat model of human rheumatoid arthritis

Ramadan, Gamal ; El-Beih N. ; Talaat R. ; Abd El-Ghffar E. 


© 2015 Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd Aim: Recently, there has been an increasing interest in tea (Camellia sinensis) as a protective agent against inflammatory diseases. Here, we evaluated/compared the anti-inflammatory activity of two different doses (0.5 and 1.0 g/kg body weight) of green tea aqueous extract (GTE, rich in catechins) and black tea aqueous extract (BTE, rich in theaflavins and thearubigins) in rat adjuvant-induced arthritis (AIA). Methods: Adjuvant-induced arthritis rat model received orally/daily distilled water as vehicle, indomethacin (1.0 mg/kg body weight; a non-steroidal/anti-inflammatory drug), or tea aqueous extracts (for 28 or 14 consecutive days starting from day 0 or 14 of arthritis induction, respectively). Results: The present study showed that only the high dose of GTE (from day 0) significantly alleviated (P  <  0.05–0.001) all complications shown in arthritic rats, including synovial joint inflammation, elevation in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, blood leukocytosis (due to lymphocytosis and neutrocytosis), and changes in weight/cellularity of lymphoid organs. The anti-arthritic activity of the high dose of GTE (from day 0) was comparable (P  >  0.05) with that of indomethacin (12.9–53.8 vs. 9.5–48.4%, respectively) and mediated by significantly decreasing and down-regulating (P  <  0.001) the systemic production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and the expression of chemokine receptor-5 in synovial tissues, respectively. Moreover, the anti-arthritic activity of tea aqueous extracts was in the following order: high dose of GTE > low dose of GTE ≥ high dose of BTE > low dose of BTE. Conclusion: The present study proved the anti-inflammatory activity of GTE over BTE and equal to that of indomethacin in AIA rat model.

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Issue Date 1-Feb-2017
Journal International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases 

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